Covid-19 has shown that the cause for socialism is more relevant than ever, if we are to overcome the deepening social inequalities.

Covid-19 Crisis

In this time of global crisis, it has become clearer than ever that the maniacal drive of the ruling class to dispossess, exploit and oppress is placing all of humanity, and the viability of the earth itself, at risk.


As revolutionary, socialist party we must challenge the status quo by defending working class and poor, leading community struggles and organising an offence against this vile system!

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Defend the working class in the current crisis!

Covid-19 shows how we must defend ourselves on the basis of our comon interest as a class and as human beings. As our right to healthcare continues to be erroded we must wage battle that puts people above profit. Physical distance and social solidarity!

Lead the struggles that are currently unfolding

We must lead the struggles that are currently unfolding in our working class communities locally and globally!  We must continue to wage struggle based on the needs of our communities and drive the campaigns that can meet the needs of our people.

Organise ourselves from defence to offence!

Locally and globally, in our unions, federation, front, Party and all affiliated organisations, we must organise and lay the foundations for democratic working class organisations that can confront the capitalist order AND transform its relations in the service of the people.


22 February 2021

Support the SAFTU National Stay-Away!

The call for a National Stay-Away and targeted pickets, protests and demonstrations in major cities of the country on Wednesday 24 February 2021 is a call to action for the working class and poor of our country.


8 January 2021

Working Class Struggles in the era of Covid-19 – Second Wave

The rising death toll of the second wave is not just down to a new mutated strain of the virus but, it is also because South Africans live under the most unequal capitalist régime.

7 June 2020

Solidarity with the people of the US against the racist thuggery of the capitalist state!

The cause of the mass uprising in the United States against the brutal execution of George Floyd is the cause of the international working class.




We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have a world to win!

- Communist Manifesto, 1848

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