Whilst the trade union is the natural organiser of the working class due to the nature of class exploitation eminating at the site of production, it is only the Revolutionary Party that can organise and lead a true Socialist revolution.

Irvin Jim

National Chairperson



The scientific method for revolution that understands social realities, relations and appearances to arise out of the organisation of the ownership and control of the forces of production.

Using historical dialectical materialism, as a tool of analysis, it becomes apparent that class struggle is the fundamental antagonism that organises and drives our society.


The recognition that we live in the historical period when the time has come for the working class to be organised for the direct assault, the direct struggle, against the global capitalist system, for the world socialist revolution.


It is a revolutionary outlook that developed under the conditions of the world domination by capitalism, during the period of imperialism. It is the recognition that the contradictions of capitalism can only be resolved by the world working class revolution and world socialism.


The pursuit of  a society where all forces of production and means of commerce, as well as the exchange and distribution of products, out of the hands of private capitalists and managed by those who produce the wealth, in accordance with a plan based on the availability of resources and the needs of the whole society.

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