"The important thing for us is not to get seats in [Parliament] by means of compromises; on the contrary, those seats are important only because and insofar as they can serve to develop the political consciousness of the masses, to raise them to a higher political level, to organise them, not for the sake of philistine happiness, not for the sake of “tranquillity”, “order” and “peaceful [bourgeois] bliss”, but for the struggle, the struggle for the complete emancipation of labour from all exploitation and all oppression."

- Vladimir Lenin

  • What are elections?

    One of the most important elements of the capitalist bourgeois system is an electoral system which gives the  appearance of democrarcy while effectively ensuring that power remains in the hands of the rich and powerful.


    There is common complaint that people who are elected are paid a lot of money and forget the people who put them there. The danger is that the party adapts to the bourgeois state and starts to see victory in the elections as more important than anything else, in other words the party becomes an electoral party instead of a party of mass struggle.

     In real terms, elections are a weapon of suppression and oppression in the hands of the ruling class, but outwardly it appears to be the organisation of the popular will, standing above classes.

  • Our task

    The task of socialists is to ensure the direct preparation of the political and technical aspects of the working class uprising. A key task of promoting independent working class structures outside of parliament is revolutionary participation in it, as a tactic.

     We know that elections serves a particular class and the true liberation only comes by replacing parliament with new organs of working class power.

     Parliamentary activity consists mainly in the sharing of revolutionary ideas, revealing the class enemies from the parliamentary platform and furthering the ideological cohesion of the masses who still respect parliament and harbour democratic illusions.

  • Our strategy

    The election process itself must be conducted NOT as a drive for the maximization of parliamentary seats but as a mobilization of the masses around building consciousness of the working class revolution.

    Our task is to expose parliament as being permanently captured by the imperialist-capitalist class, while promoting independent, democratic organs of workers’ power outside of it.

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