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NUMSA is a trade union, and will remain a trade union. Ordinary NUMSA members are free to belong to any political party of their choice. NUMSA will continue to recruit and defend the interests of its members, as a solid trade union.

However, NUMSA knows the limitations of trade union work - as defenders of the rights of workers within the capitalist system. As a Marxist-Leninist inspired trade union, it resolved to give birth to a revolutionary socialist Workers Party. Only a revolutionary socialist party lead by the working class, for the working class,  could confront head on the struggle to destroy capitalism, through revolutionary theory and practice of building Socialism.





The SRWP is not a “NUMSA PARTY”, it is for all the working class who want to unite to fight and defeat capitalism and who are for Socialism. Female and male, all genders, young and old, employed or not, in school or university: any worker is free to join the SRWP.


Anyone who is 16 years and above and accepts the basic ideas in the Draft Constitution and Manifesto is free to join the SRWP.  



From the congress plenary, there was robust debate about how to build consensus on the question of leadership and resulted in the following election results, of the core leadership:

National Chairperson:                         Irvin Jim

Deputy National Chairperson:       Moleko Phakedi

General Secretary:                                 Oupa Ralake
Deputy General Secretary:               Vashna Jagarnath

National Treasurer:                                Andile Zitho

The congress agreed to endorse the nominations of 30 women and men to lead the Central Committee, which is the highest decision-making structure second to Congress.

SRWP & 2019


The SRWP has been formed to raise the levels of political consciousness of the largest majority of the working class in South Africa, in order to unite us in our common class interest. It has been formed to organize the working class into a political force capable of winning and conquering economic and political power in society in order to create a Socialist South Africa, a South Africa that places the interests of the working class first.


Elections are not a destination, we are not going to be defined by our performance in any elections. Whenever and wherever we are sufficiently ready, we shall participate in elections. This is very important for us to test the mood of the working class, to expose the treachery of the capitalist system and root the Party in the lives of the working class.  


Capitalism is a system that thrives off of abusing and exploiting the majority working class people. Most of the political parties which dominate on the SA political landscape actively promote capitalism, and others want to reform the system.


We are the only ones who are fighting for the total destruction of Capitalism. We want a Socialist South Africa where the interests of the working class will be primary and the wealth of the country will be used for the benefit of all, and not just a wealthy elite. We are, therefore, in fact the only political party fighting for genuine democracy! All other political parties, without exception, are seeking some kind of accommodation with capitalism.


 The working class all over the world and here in South Africa have been victims of all sorts of lies and false promises by politicians who have pretended to be interested in their plight and where have claimed they have the magic formular to solve their problems. Based on our Marxist-Leninist analysis of the world and South Africa, we have set ourselves goals in our manifesto on full human freedoms and democracy, land, housing, employment, poverty, inequality, the environment, international peace and so on.

However, the fundamental difference between us and all political parties is that we make it very clear that none of our policies are achievable without the working class destroying the capitalist system which in fact thrives on the oppression, domination and exploitation of the working class. Our primary objective in the Manifesto is the achievement of economic and political power by the working class as a class, in order for it to properly solve all the problems affecting the working class, and therefore, all the problems confronting humanity and our Earth.



Socialism is too often accused of failure. Where has Capitalism succeeded in helping people?


Capitalism is the source of all evil, violence and suffering in the world. What capitalism succeeds at doing very well is to make the suffering working class and rural populations celebrate their suffering because capitalists are thriving! Capitalism breeds inequality and poverty wherever it is allowed to settle. South Afgrica is the best example: millions starve, have no work, have no homes, cannot get decent medical care but a tiny minority are filthy rich. The worlds wealth is owned by 1% of the population. The worlds wealthy are getting even wealthier, whilst poverty is spreading.


The world and the South African working class have no choice: it is either the continuing savagery and barbarism of capitalism or a future of equality, justice, freedom, democracy and economic and social prosperity for all that socialism promises.


The SRWP is determined, and will lead South Africa out of the evils of capitalism.

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