11 November 2019

Lula is Free!

Tthe challenge Lula poses to the dominance of WMC, and the class struggle in Brazil and beyond, the Deputy General Secretary of the SRWP, Vashna Jagarnath writes on the current situation in Brazil.


6 April 2019

SRWP Launched in South Africa

Over a thousand gathered in Johannesburg to attend the Launch Congress of the Party which seeks to build socialism in South Africa.


4 April 2019

SRWP Plans to Disrupt Political Landscape

Elected officials of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party, which was founded by Numsa, are set to earn minimum wage, while the rest of their earnings will be remitted to the party


4 April 2019

COSATU Urged to Vote SRWP

Convener of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party Irvin Jim has urged COSATU members and affiliates to vote for the SRWP at the May 8 elections which are less than 35 days away.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.35.04.png

24 March 2019

Eskom Crisis

On The Big Debate, Irvin Jim,  puts foward the revolutionary perspective on how we approach the energy question regarding the current crisis of Eskom, IPPs...

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18 March 2019

Hands Off Venezuela

From Malaysia to the Argentina, peoples movements and organizations mobilized on Saturday March 16, to express their solidarity with Venezuela amid one of the most brutal attacks...


12 March 2019

SRWP agenda

for South Africa

Vuyolwethu Toli, National Working Committee member of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party in South Africa, on the new party’s aims and agenda...

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20 December 2019

SRWP Pre-Launch Conference

Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party to held pre-launch conference and has already been registered with the Independent Electoral Commission.




We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have a world to win!

- Communist Manifesto, 1848

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